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Lake Como School

Additive manufacturing in healthcare: from 3d printing to bioprinting

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Bioprinting @ CompMech

An interdisciplinary research group

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Our technology

Extrusion-based 3D bioplotter

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Bioprinted Scaffolds Containing Lyosecretome

Design and manufacturing of PCL scaffolds, enriched with lyosecretome, intended for the in vivo controlled release.

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dECM-based bioink for liver

A new dECM-based hydrogel for extrusion-based bioprinting for liver tissue engineering.

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Design of a 3D printed bioreactor

Recapitulating in vitro fully functional muscle fiber by means of 3D co-printing techniques.

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Engineering Living Material

Combination of Synthetic Biology techniques and bacteria Bioprinting to create living materials.

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